Alexas Senior Session

If there’s such a thing as fun at first sight, this girl is it! Alexa was bold enough to be willing to give a new location a try with me and OMG it did not disappoint! This location was a community center that has textured walls, glass windows, beautiful landscaping and a great view. For someone looking for something more modern, it was the perfect place. 

Right off the bat, this beauty was willing to do anything I asked. Skip in your sandals - you’ve got it. Some half spins and giggles - no problem. Pretend like you are a part of a nike ad and leap off of this ledge - rock on! 

Playing with the sun was so much fun during her session. First she wore a flowy dress which helped give us all the natural fun and summery vibes. She then changed (in the parking lot with my pop up changing tent) into some bright pink cargo pants and a simple white t-shirt. When I saw the sun hitting the way it was and her enthusiasm for fun, I knew we had to try something a little different and that is when we went for a more editorial/athletic vibe than before. Following that glowing outfit she changed in to a chic long pencil skirt and a black v-neck. It was a perfect fit for the more modern look. We found a patch of flowers perfectly light by the summer sun and had to stop there for some shots. 

Again, I was using my Canon 5d mk IV paired with a 50mm 1.4 lens. Can't wait to shoot at this location again!