Hi! I am so excited to share more about my Senior Photo Experience with you! I am here to give you a fun, freeing, positive experience filled with laughter and love. Senior year is stressful. I am here for YOU! I am here to ease that stress just a bit and get that first item checked off the list. Your senior photos should be something fun and something to look forward to!

 If you are questioning your Senior Session, the best advice I can give is that, there aren’t many times in your life when you will get photos taken of just YOU! These photos (believe it or not) will be used for years to come. 

I have struggled with my self image for as long as I can remember and I never wanted to get in front of the camera. Looking back, I wish I had more photos of myself! It is my goal that each and every session will feel fun, fulfilling and freeing. I won’t let you walk away feeling anything less than amazing. I will pose you, speak with you and encourage you through the whole process. 

I am here to be your hype person! I hope that I get the chance to capture this moment in time with you. 

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